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Articles, topics, concerns and interesting stories relating  to our generation. This age group of innovators, movers and shakers couldn't keep their feet still. They wanted everything in life that not only America had to offer but all the opportunities this World could provide. Our generation drove the direction of news, marketing and advertising of our everyday products to places never dreamed.


Ah - The Family Car.

Getting your drivers license was a milestone in your life and a trying time for both parents and teenagers. The time had come to share the family car and this was definitely a privilege you earned. As a teenager getting your license and driving would be the most responsibility that you were given up to this point in your life, and if trust ever meant anything it meant it now. This vehicle was the mobility that your father needed to go to work everyday to earn his pay to support you and your family. So every time you got in the drivers seat you had better made sure the car was returned home in the same condition before you borrowed it. Again, this shared item was a great parental tool to monitor what you were doing and where you were going. The ritual of borrowing the car, again you asked permission and gave your parents a short story about where you were going, who was going with you and when you be home.

66 ford fairlane family car


64 chevy impala  chevrolet



Finally, just the two of us. It's about the kids moved out of the house to be on their own.... Now we can spend some quality time alone together.

parents mom dad empty nesters

Mom, Dad, it's tough out here, can we move back home. please....

adult children  move back home
old schlitz beer ad
Original McDonalds Hamgurgers
jukebox selector, nostalgic retro music


Baby Boomer Grandparents


Boomers Active Lifestyle- from my own observations, as a generation, we are more active than our parents were at our age. We are more health conscientious, yearn to look and feel younger, participate in more physical activities and are more mobile.  Our fathers retirement kickoff was officially started when his workplace gave him a farewell retirement dinner and a watch. As past generations retired from work they thought sitting back in an easy chair collecting a pension and social security checks was what it was all about.  We are innovating new ways to spend our semi retirement leisure time for the years ahead.

The second act generation-  as our children have grown up and moved out we are finding more free time than we have had in decades. With the combination of more time and disposable income we can focus again on some of the things we want to do that have special interest to us. Many baby boomers are planning to take on new careers, new businesses, new hobbies, college courses, physical activities, travel, arts & music, wine tasting, volunteering, or just doing the things we have wanted to do our whole life. We are looking to rediscover the simple things that life has to offer and fully enjoy every minute we can.

Generational Trends and Habits- as baby boomers, our grandparents’ role in our lives were to give individual attention to each of us no matter how many brothers, sisters or cousins there were in the family. They would listen to our ideas and thoughts and of course make holidays, birthdays and family occasions special for us. They gave us individual attention and supported us sometimes when our parents didn’t. They were a dependable friend when we needed one, giving us ambition and encouraging us how survive through the tough milestones of life. Grandparents gave us a historical insight about their events during their lifetime hoping that maybe we could apply some of their logic into our everyday situations.

Boomers as grandparents- this is a whole new world to us. The term grandparents’ makes many of us cringe as we don’t see ourselves as the elderly like we remember our grandparents appeared to be. The day your first grandchild is born you will suddenly feel a ray of hope from above and preview a larger picture of what life is all about. Pausing for a moment we realize the speed of Life has shifted us into another gear. We now have another opportunity (responsibility) to raise a third generation. Different than raising our own children we now have the experience to be better at parenting this time around. Our boomer generation’s childhood of stuffed animals, crayons, coloring books, cartoons, dolls, cars, trucks, bikes and simple toys can now be relived with another chance for us to have fun and playtime with our grandchildren.

We can teach and have fun at the same time with them to enhance their everyday learning. We treasure every smile on this child’s face and will do whatever possible to preserve the optimistic outlook all children are born with. Express positive feelings when you are happy with their behavior or accomplishments. Build their self esteem so they feel good about themselves, this can make a big difference in their outlook while growing up. As active grandparents we can have a great influence in teaching them to be independent, take on responsibilities, adapt to change, accept failures, take on challenges and gain pride in their accomplishments. A child’s inquisition can be answered by our knowledge and experiences. 

Today’s Grandparents Role- in this new position of grand parenting think of yourself as more like an area manager, your job is to coach, teach, guide and participate in the child’s learning experiences. You need to step down from the position of director as you were with your own children, and let your adult children be the directors of your grandchildren.  It is your responsibility to harmonize the generations of the whole family.  Your suggestions may be welcomed but don’t be upset if your daughter or son- in- law doesn’t agree with you. Remember they are the adult parents of your grandchildren and you should support them in positive ways to create a healthy family atmosphere for your grandchild.



beer nuts


Zenith black and white television with space command remote control


Boomer TV


Imagine for a moment a household with only one TV,         and this would be it for the whole family.

The color of the picture only black and white,                      and from another room you would see a flickering light.

A choice of five channels is all we could see,                    we'd sit and watch  programs as a family.

We would gather in the parlor on the couch and on the floor, and those lonely boring days would be no more.

Watch closely and pay attention to the programs,               this was the way of most Americans.

Baby boomers would remember like me,                            that most TV Shows ended at 8:30.

Although the channel selection seemed so vast,                 the day of 5 local channels is a thing of the past.

The programs would show beer and cigarette advertising, and for our parents this was not surprising.

For this new media box was not just for news,                     but also a place to sell the products we'd use.

This new TV Tube would certainly be,                                     a free babysitter for kids like me.

by Jerry

kids tv shows 50s 60s


jiffy pop
black crows


bell-telephone-extension phone in kitchen

The Old Wall Telephone

The telephone was one of the best parental guidance tools our parents had. The phone was mounted on the wall and centrally located in the house, usually in the kitchen. It had a six or eight foot long coil cord attached - not wireless. When your parents were using the telephone you were usually told to leave the room so they could have a private conversation with the other party. For the children in the family, using a telephone was a privilege that was earned and a tool our parents used to reward us or punish us with by allowing more time on the phone or take the privilege away. Before you used the phone you would ask your mom or dad for permission to use it and give a brief explanation of who you were calling and why. The phone was a shared family appliance and when you called someone on the phone your parents knew who you were talking to. They knew what you were talking about and the plans you were making. Parents could listen to your conversations and if you started whispering they knew trouble was in the planning. This was one of the ways a parent could monitor who the kids were talking to what they were doing. Usually the phone was restricted to kids around the age 13 and older.

Fred MacMurray telephone ad 1960s

1962 let your fingers do the walking yellow pages  1967 princess phone


Our generation rebelled the traditional  established ways of society and challenged the American political system to its limits. Within this Vietnam War era we expected reasons, explanations and answers from our peers of why our young adults fresh out of high school were drafted into the armed forces to fight in a foreign war. We love America and are loyal patriots to our country, as long as we understand clearly the goals and missions of our politicians and government policies.

This simple board game was an example of how real time empires could be built. Somewhat a universal learning tool that would innocently teach a generation about enterprising in America.

monopoly board game  party fun games




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